After consecutive attempts at trying to create something meaningful on the internet (including but not limited to a blog about football which was derailed due to a dead hard-drive) Tom Reed is back this time opting to embrace his inability to stay focussed on one topic for more than a minute.

Here you will learn nothing of value but instead be subjected to rantings, ravings and the occasional revolt from a young man trying very desperately to be a screenwriter. Other than doing this Tom spends his days partaking in the dietary trends of a much fatter man, watching far too much television and making spaghetti bolognaise.

He lives in Melbourne with his girlfriend, Michaela, and a man named Gabe.

That thing in cupboard doesn’t pay rent so doesn’t technically count as being an occupant of the apartment.

Finally please take note of all the exits and if you find yourself sitting next to a small child, remember you can use them as a shield in the event of a serious emergency.



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