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A Very Brief Message In The Form Of Shameless Self-Promotion.


This is just a quick thing to let you know that I’ve started a little writing project over at another blog.

The project is called The Urban Sprawl and is a series of stories and myths about the city of Melbourne.

It would be much appreciated if you went and checked it out. You know to make me feel loved by faceless strangers on the Internet. It is the best form of nourishment.

Here’s the link: The Urban Sprawl.

I will continue to post other ramblings and growlings here with the same infuriating irregularity as before, but I will be putting a little bit of attention into this new project (because I’m a bad person and I get sucked into the shiny new thing way too easily, blame it on television…it ruined me) so don’t press the panic buttons if I’m not hanging around here for a while.

xoxo GossipTreed.



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